Northern Baja 250
June 24-26

Day 1
We start in Tecate Saturday morning and run South over the Compadre trail up to Mike's Sky Ranch and on to Rancho El Coyote. We stay the night in the cabins wake to the farm fresh breakfast and

Day 2
We load up and will be taking some new trails out of the mountains to the coast. We are so excited to run this new route with you.
We hit the coast and travel South and hit the beach where we will spend time playing in the dunes and have lunch.
We continue South along the coast where we will top the afternoon with chips and guacamole......and a margarita or two!

That night we stay at Cuatro Casas Hostel for a relaxing dinner and some bench racing around the fire pit.

Morning coffee with a view at Cuatro Casas

Day 3
Relaxing morning  we head out after breakfast. We travel North up to Ensenada for lunch and a little souvenir shopping.
We leave Ensenada and travel through the Guadalupe wine region back to Tecate.

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Cost $750.00 for driver $500.00 for codriver

Email or call 951-251-4456 (44LO) if you have any questions

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets


  1. Looks great. Any plans for a summer trip or is it just too hot? Interested in it for 2018 if possible.

    1. Paul, We have a couple Summer trips planned this season. We have been busy with racing the Mexican 1000 and we have another trip next week we are doing. We will be announcing a schedule soon. During the Summer months we stay along the Pacific side. The weather is perfect. you can email us and we will send you updates

  2. Any plans for 2017/2018 winter season?

    1. Yes. We will be publishing some dates very soon. You can always email us and we will update you as well