Thursday, August 25, 2011

2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited

Jeep Review

A good friend of mine was having some service done on her car and the dealer set her up with a rental.
A fully loaded 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. I  had to see for myself just how this would perform off road.
 With a lot of coaxing and a few, "It will be fines',  She finally agreed to go for a little road trip.
We packed up the Jeep with a cooler and headed to Barstow. We entered at outlet Center the traditional start/finish area for most of the off road races. We took off toward highway 247 with the intention of staying on the course and cutting out the really rough section up around the dump. After all were only shod with stock Goodyear Wrangler Radials. As we proceeded North I was impressed with the handling of this machine. I immediately knew it would be capable of handling just about anything I could throw at it. We decided to stay on course B all the way through. I'm glad we did. I ended up using the shift on the fly four wheel drive a couple times in the sandy wash and on a really steep hill climb. The ride was smooth and true. I could not believe how fast this Jeep could travel over this rugged terrain. We headed South and ended up meeting Stoddard Wells road and headed to Hodge Road. We spent an hour or so putting the Jeep through the paces of a favorite test loop we use to shake down our race cars. I know this loop like the back of my hand. As expected the Jeep motored through like a champ.
With a few mods this would be a great ride.

Jeep Review

I really enjoyed the longer wheelbase\

Jeep Review

Nicely per-portioned cockpit

 Jeep Review

Back seats are a little cramped.

Jeep Review

Nice view

Jeep Review

Only in a Jeep

Sunday, August 14, 2011

California 200 Memorial

Life seems to be quite busy for me lately and Family responsibilities are aplenty. I was not going to be able to make it out for this, as I had a prior engagement. Things changed Thursday the 11th. I read news the owner of Slash X ranch was killed in a tragic accident just a stones throw from his beloved bar. I have met Brian on several occasions throughout the years and have spent many post race evenings bench racing with my fellow racers.  Brian was a true lover of our sport and he has provided his place for us to use as a home base during pre and post race events for many, many years. Being a former desert racer he was one of us. One of the family.

When FAST AID approached Brian with placing the California 200 memorial on his land, Brian with no hesitation offered a place on his property.

I had to come pay some respects. We drove up early Saturday morning took the long way across the desert out to Slash X. We arrived about 8:30 AM and found Lucas Hand president of Fast Aid and his staff  placing the final touches on this wonderful memorial. Lucas and I talked for about an hour sharing stories about Brian, and the wonderful times we had over the years at the Slash X with Brian.
Since the official unavailing was not for another 6 hours there were no other mourners there. Lucas gave us the personalized tour and showed us the intimate details explaining the meaning of everything.
After the tour we said goodbye to Lucas and we headed back across the desert (the long way of course) back to interstate 15 South and headed home to resume my family duties.
Saturday was a somber day. We trekked across the desert slowly reflecting about the events of the past year and soaking in the beauty of our awesome desert.
Life is precious. Give your loved ones an extra hug tonight.
R.I.P. Brian and those killed at the California 200.





California 200 memorial. 8 trees planted for those killed. 22 Lantana bushes for the survivors.
the 8 names engraved on the stainless steel structure.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

MDR California 200 Memorial this Weekend

FAST AID will hold a memorial for the anniversary of the California 200 accident this weekend.
The event will be held at SLASH X in Barstow. They will be placing a permanent  memorial out there.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More fallout

They are talking about bringing SCORE back to Primm next year.
Good thing Baja loves us off roaders.

Good article

Monday, August 8, 2011

September in San Felipe

SCORE has announced a new race in San Felipe to replace the long running Primm 300. Citing troubles obtaining insurance. We are starting to see more fallout from that tragedy in Lucerne last year.
Our friends Harley Letner and Kory Halopoff will be running  class 1, defending their 2010 class 1 championship.
September 9-11
Go get em boys!