Sunday, April 21, 2019

March 22-25 2019 trip report

With the long winter we have all endured the promise of warm, mild, and sunny weather was very appealing to us. We could tell the moment we met our guests they were feeling the same way.

After some brief introductions we were on our way. Starting in Tecate we hit the Compadre trail south.

Into Valle De Trinidad for some tacos then back on the highway for a transition stage to El Diablo Dry Lake. When we arrived at the "dry lake" we found most if it was not too dry!
We found a great camp spot where we enjoyed carne asada and all the trimmings, a nice campfire and some real good conversation. I could tell right away this was a great group and we were looking at a wonderful trip ahead.

Bench racing session 1
The second morning brought a great sunrise and excitement for what was to come.
We wheeled a few hours up to Mike's Sky Ranch for some refreshments and got to see some race history. We headed out for a very long trail over to the Pacific coast. The flowers and foliage was incredible. 
after reaching the highway we motored up to Rancho El Coyote arriving just at dusk. We had a very long day, covering many miles. The ranch was a welcome sight for our travelers. We enjoyed a family style dinner with refreshments then retired to the firepit for some reminiscing about our day.

Day 3 we awoke to a chilly spring morning. After breakfast we mounted up for the toughest trek of the trip. San Rafael canyon. We ran through numerous water crossings, and the foliage was absolutely breathtaking. 

We reached highway 1 and motored down to the Pirate Bar for some afternoon refreshments and snacks.

We wheeled up the coast for a few miles to our final stop Cuatro Casas Hostel

Cuatro Casas Hostel

Lined up at Cuatro Casas Hostel

We enjoyed a big celebratory dinner, some adult beverages, camp fire, and some fireworks.

Andy keeping our guests "fueled up" with Libre Tequila


The last morning we awoke to a sunny day and headed for the beach. We ran the beach down to the cave then returned to highway 1 through Ensenada for some tacos and up to Tecate where we exchanged tearful hugs and we all went our separate ways.
Great group, great trails, great food, great new friends. Viva Baja!!!

We also had a couple very special guests on this trip Youtube sensation Auto Edit Jason  and Kris Miller  of Powerstop Brakes and Trail To SEMA These guys were a great addition to our run. They really enhanced the trip with their spotting experience. Thank you for coming guys, we cant wait to wheel with you again!!!

The #Camp4LoVIP award went to Kenzie The only girl on this trip. She really embodied the spirit of Camp4lo. She was taken well out of her comfort zone. When presented with any challenge she put the hammer down and tackled everything thrown at her. Congratulations kiddo, you are now in a special club!

Kenzie and her #Camp4LoVIP trophy

We would like to thank a few of the folks that support our efforts. We cant begin to thank these fine folks and are honored to share your products with our guests.

Libre Tequila

Squatchboxx coolers


Ground Pounder Coffee

Ground Pounder Coffee

Tembotusk Skottle
Libre Tequila

Fueling the day with Ground Pounder Coffee