Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Camp4lo Baja Tour Special

Northern Baja run.

July 9-12

 We are going to start in Erendira and work our way South along the coast to Camalu. Stopping in some great places for some sand and beach running. Day two we will head up to Mike's Sky Ranch for lunch then we will be staying at Rancho El Coyote. We have not run this route in many years and as a result we feel it would not be fair to charge the full rate, We are inviting you to join us for this "Pre Run" and all we ask is you cover your accommodation expenses. We have worked out special pricing with our friends at Baja Voyager. 3 night 4 day all inclusive rate of 350.00 per person. If you have been dreaming of driving in Baja and are on a budget now is your chance. We are almost full as of this writing and have booked a couple special guests from the media. Who knows you may even get your rig featured somewhere.. For more questions  CLICK HERE or EMAIL or 
call us 1-844-CAMP4LO 
This run is open to all 4X4 vehicles. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Overland Roundtable

Matt was a guest panelist  on a new podcast dedicated to Overlanding.
Our buddy Dan Cole from The 4x4 Podcast has just added this to his already big list of things he is doing. This is a different style podcast where there is a panel of knowledgeable people on the show regularly and Dan is more of a moderator,  I had a great time being a guest and met some great folks.
I even learned a few things. Give give it a LISTEN and check out the panelists. Iv'e linked them below.


Dan Cole: Dan explores in his 1999 Jeep Cherokee 2dr and 2007 GMC Yukon XL.  He is also in the middle of building an offroading camping trailer that will be used to tackle the ALCAN highway on a journey from Kansas City, KC up to Fairbanks, AK.  Find Dan at www.the4x4podcast.com and also:
Instagram: @the4x4podcast
Twitter: @the4x4podcast

Taylor Adney: 1993 Toyota 4runner, outfitted for overland travel. Part of a group recently formed called “The Overland Adventures” which can be found on:
Instagram (@theoverlandadventures) 

Jason Spect: Driving a 2013 Toyota Tacoma and a 3rd Gen Toyota 4runner. Been into Overland travel for about 7 years, part of a team called Mountain State Overland. Can be found at mountainstateoverland.com and on:
Instagram: @msoverland
Brandon Libby: Drives a 2 door JK Wrangler and a 2013 Pro4x Nissan Xterra. Has been into off-roading and overlanding for about 5 years. Contact Brandon at expeditionportal.com and search Brandon Libby. Also on Google+, Facebook, Twitter all under the same name.

Alex Garner: 1999 Nissan Patrol, has been an overlander most of his life. Runs the Intents Offroad blog which can be found at intentsoffroad.com and on:  

Ben Beierwaltes: Ben is one of the guys behind Rocky Mountain Overland. He drives a JK Jeep Rubicon but has a good variety of vehicle makes and models in the group. You can find Ben at rockymountainoverland.com

Read more at http://overlandroundtable.libsyn.com/overland-roundtable-session-2#fUGWc3CkXtcqGqAW.99

Read more at http://overlandroundtable.libsyn.com/overland-roundtable-session-2#fUGWc3CkXtcqGqAW.99