Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pole Line Road / Baja 1000 spectating run

November 15-19 2016

Pole Line Road / Baja 1000 spectating run

During WW2 the fear was the Japanese may invade the US through our southern border. The Army secretly constructed a telephone line from San Felipe to Ensenada in an effort to be able to call in trouble if any was seen.
The telephone line has long gone away but there are remnants of poles still in the ground and other signs of our presence years ago.
The Pole Line road is not for the stock rig. We recommend at least 33 inch tires and lockers to attend this event. There will be plenty of challenges along this trail. We will also be camping 1-2 nights as well.
Once we complete the Pole Line Road we will head West across the peninsula to the West coast and we will stay at Cuatro Casas.

We will also be spectating the Baja 1000 from one or two different spots. Because Racecars!

Day 1
Meet in Mexicali early AM
Travel  South to the entrance of the Pole Line Road
Wheel until late afternoon and camp.

Day 2
Up early camp style breakfast and coffee
Head out to finish the Pole Line Road and traverse to Cuatro Casas

Day 3
Off road trails to the beach and dunes.
Stay back at Cuatro Casas

Day 4
Easy relaxing morning. Big breakfast
Head out to watch the Baja 1000

Day 5
Head home

As always this trip is all inclusive. All lodging, meals, snacks, and refreshments (yes beer) are included.
The price is $750.00 per person $250.00 for co rider.

$100.00 deposit due when signing up


CLICK HERE to see photos of a previous run. 
MAIL  or call 951-251- 44LO with any questions