Sunday, June 16, 2019

Camp4Lo Pacific Fun Run

We held a fiesta style event June 7-9 2019. This run was designed to allow those with limited time and resources to "dip their toes" in the Baja pool.
We held it over a weekend and gave the coordinates to Cuatro Casas and basically said get here.
We published Andy's route and time he would be at the border Friday morning in case our guests wanted to follow him. A little more than half of the people signed up met him at the San Ysidro border.
We ended up with 20 rigs and about 28 people at this event.
There were some Camp4lo alumni in attendance as well as quite a few new friends.

We greeted our guests with some carne asada tacos and some cold beer as we checked everyone in and they set up their campsites on the bluff overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Saturday morning the Ground Pounder Coffee guys were on scene to fuel us with the needed caffeine.
Richard and the Cuatro Casas crew prepared quick breakfast burritos for our hungry crew.

Lined up and ready to hit the trail

After a quick drivers meeting we were off. We headed north along the Baja 500 race course over Punta Colonet. and along the ocean up to a private beach we call secret spot.

The trail winding down to secret spot

We had a quick lunch of cold cut sandwiches and enjoyed the peace and solitude this place provides.

After lunch we motored south along the trail down to the beach. We ran the beach along the waters edge to the cave for our traditional cave photo. We headed south to the big dunes and continued to play in the sand.

Nice group enjoying the beauty of Baja

Cave pic

In the dunes

Little break by Johnson Ranch

About mid afternoon we headed back to Cuatro Casas for fresh Blue Fin Tuna fish tacos and all the trimmings. We had a nice campfire and a few fireworks and a whole night of bench racing with our friends.

Sunday morning most packed up and made their way to the border. I convinced a few folks to call in sick and hang out an extra day. We took them on a little wheeling adventure down to the Pirate Bar for some afternoon snacks and a couple margaritas.

We returned to the hostel for a light dinner and another night around the camp fire.
Monday morning the remaining guests saddled up and returned north.

We had a blast on this trip. We are pretty certain we have made quite a few new Baja converts.
Thank you all for joining us. Cant wait for the 4Lo Fiesta in San Felipe in November!

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  1. Sounds absolutely perfect for a first timer to get their feet wet!