Monday, January 14, 2013

Anybody want to go to Baja?

We are prepping for the next run. February 16-19-2013. That's Presidents day weekend so plan accordingly!

 This run will start in San Diego Saturday morning.
Day 1
We will caravan down to Cuatro Casas Hostel. Once we arrive at the hostel we will check in and head South for a few miles along the beach just to shake down the rigs and have a little lunch.

Scuba Steve and Chuy from our last run

Day 2
After a hearty breakfast we pack up and run the highway North for a few miles then we will catch the Baja 500 race course East for about 25 miles into the town of Valle De Trinidad. We will turn South and run along the highway for just a few miles into San Matais. After lunch in San Matais we will get on the Baja 1000 race course through the pass down to El Diablo dry lake. Want to open her up and see what she's got? This is the place to do it. Flat out as far as the eye can see.
We will then turn our sights West toward the Sea of Cortez. We pick up a small part of the San Felipe 250 racecourse down the famed Z00 Road into the sleepy fishing town of San Felipe.
We will enjoy a terrific feast and great bench racing that night.

Good times!

Day 3
We wake up and have breakfast then leisurely head North and cross the border in Mexicali.

Can you imagine yourself on this trip?
Come along with us the only costs to you are accommodations, food, and fuel
Here is a link to the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE you can find more info and RSVP there.
Feel free to call Matt or email if you have questions.

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