Monday, January 31, 2011

Pre run report

We headed down this weekend with the guys from Biltwell and Lowbrow customs for a pre run of the 2011 El Diablo run. We spent the first night in San Felipe enjoying some cool beverages and working out the details for palapas and food for the run.
During the return trip we thought it would be a fun side trip to run the route from Valle De Tinidad to the coast so we could head to Colonet to check Bill and my houses out. This run is used by SCORE for virtually every Baja 500. This road is also used by the locals as a short cut to avoid having to travel all the way North through Ensenada and back down. We found about 35 miles in the road had been washed away during the recent rain. We had to turn around and return to MEX 3 and go to Ensenada. Some would find that a bummer, we took it as an opportunity to get more of our off road fix in.
Never fear though. I'm told this route will be back in shape for the Baja 500 in June and the Camp4lo runs. This way

I think it is this way

Desert outside of San Felipe

Taco on the trail Ensenada

Villa Marina Hotel Ensenada Ensenada night 6

Ensenada night life

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