Thursday, September 30, 2010

Closer to the goal

We had a terrific meeting with Richard of Cuatro Casas Hostel Monday night. We formed an alliance, Cuatro Casas Hostel will be the official base camp for Camp4lo.
Cuatro Casas has all the amenities you will need to make your stay even more memorable.
Clean comfortable bunk rooms,(private rooms available) hot showers, great food, surfing, fishing, and more. There is even a concrete pad out back with a complete workshop for wrenching on the rigs. We plan to outfit the shop with a welder and some specialty tools. They can even perform flat repairs on site. The possibilities are endless here.

Please enjoy the photos and get ready to visit Camp4lo

Quatro Casa Camp4lo

Don't let the bear scare you!
Camp4lo Cuatro Casa Bear

Welcome in

Camp4lo Cuatro Casa deer

Plenty of room to relax after a day on the trail

Camp4lo Cuatro Casa living room

Clean rooms

Camp4lo Cuatro Casa Bunk 3

Camp4lo Cuatro Casa bunk 2

Cuatro room

Enjoy a cool drink on the upstairs patio

Camp4lo Cuatro Casa upstairs patio

Soak in the view

Camp4lo Cuatro Casa bluff

Breakfast and dinner here

Camp4lo Cuatro Casa

Monday Night Football anyone?

Cuatro Casas TV

Need to wrench on the rig? Got you covered.

Camp4lo Work area

Camp4lo Bronco taking a rest after a long day on the trail.

Camp4lo Bronco Cuatro Casa

Camp4lo Bronco

Camp4lo palapa

Cuatro Casa skull

Camp4lo sunset

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