Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tragedy in Lucerne

Saturday August 14 2010 Lucerne Valley Ca.
MDR held their annual California 200 night race. A driver flipped his truck and 8 spectators were killed and 10 injured. There are links out there but I won't post them here. This day will change off road racing in California forever. Nobody knows how or what but changes will come.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the people involved.

Fast Aid is raising money to help the families. If you can help, please do.


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  1. First, my condolenecs to all those involved in this tragic incident...
    Matt, you are so right, "it will change off road racing forever", I like going to off road races in California, so I can roam the course and try and find different locations to view the action, and I fear that part is gone.

    Everybody will be jammed into "spectator viewing areas" and no driving or walking anywhere around the course, just like Nevada & Arizona are all ready doing...

    I feel the days of being called "Rover" are gone... Sad...