Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baja 1000

A few days after returning from the chopper trip I was contacted by my buddy Jim Varshay.
He informed me he was driving a car in a two car team and the other car was not yet complete, needed a co driver. Naturally I accepted the offer.

You can read all about the car build here

This new car is quite a car too! I really enjoyed the ride. The transmission let go about mile 164 so we were done. That's racing!
The driver Kevin Ellis had 2 cars entered and as his second car approached us broke in the desert, Kevin and I relieved the two in that car and pressed on to Borego.
That car ended up winning the race!

keeping her steady

Jim bringing her over the finish

Well earned cerveza after a long night of racing.

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  1. Nice Matt! What a huge stoke... Thanks for the props on your blog. Yet I feel a little overwhelmed by 'testicular fortitude' when I'm talking about being 'teary-eyed' leaving the farm... ha.

    Stay in touch bro. Can't wait to come check you out when I'm back stateside.

    Congrats again on the race.